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"Healthy Food for Today's Lifestyle"

Healthy eating is on everyone's mind, you can take advantage of this increasing consumer interest with Clayton’s Organic Beef.

Clayton’s Organic Beef has emerged as the perfect choice for consumers looking for a healthy, environmentally friendly source of meat.

“Clayton’s Organic Beef is good for the animals, good for the land, and good for you too”.

Clayton’s Organic Beef... "Beef The Way It Used To Be!"

  • Free Range, Grass Fed, Grain Finished*
  • Raised without Added Hormones on the Sargood Family's Sustainable Australian Farm
  • Environmentally Friendly and Humanely Raised
  • All Natural, USDA Inspected
  • Clayton’s Organic cattle adhere to strict production and processing protocols
  • Wet-Aged 8 Weeks for optimum tenderness
  • Mild Flavor Profile
  • Valuable source of protein
  • Healthy alternative
  • Clayton’s Organic Beef has significantly higher levels of Omega-3 essential fatty acids
  • Higher levels of Beta-Carotene, Vitamin E and other powerful antioxidants

What is Clayton’s Organic Beef?

  • Clayton’s Organic Beef is a product of its’ environment. Clayton and Jackie Sargood's vast pastures, clean rainfall, abundant sunshine and free range conditions produce the world's finest all-natural organic beef
  • Clayton’s Organic, predominantly Hereford and Angus cattle, are selected for its superior meat quality and high yields. The cattle graze freely, feeding on natural grasses, sorghum and organic corn. The high protein grasses are converted to soft textured muscle rather than fat. Clayton’s Organic Beef is processed under HACCP, AUSMEAT, and AQIS guidelines that are regularly audited and approved by USDA and again inspected by USDA upon arrival in the US
  • Our Clayton’s Organic Beef is hormone and antibiotic free. Clayton’s Organic Beef contains no artificial ingredients or additives, is a healthy alternative to domestic beef; has reduced calories, fat and cholesterol content and is a valuable source of protein, minerals and essential B group vitamins
  • Clayton Organic farmers and packers follows simple but thoughtful practices in raising cattle humanely (stress-free) from the farm to the table
  • Clayton’s Organic Beef is not irradiated and we do not use cloned animals
  • Since Clayton’s Organic Beef is leaner than American Beef, it will cook quicker. If at all possible use a meat thermometer and serve at medium rare

Clayton’s Organic Cattle

  • Australia has a rich history in beef production
  • Clayton’s cattle graze on the native herbage of sorghum and other grasses which grow naturally and are fed organic corn which Clayton grows for the Kellogg Corporation*. Due to the natural balance of this ecosystem, no chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides are administered
  • On-farm food safety and quality assurance programs
  • Innovative ranching techniques
  • Forefront of genetics and animal husbandry
  • Clayton’s cattle have sufficient water, food, and air to sustain health and vitality
  • Social contact with other animals
  • Protection from predation, disease, the adverse effect of climate extremes or unseasonal changes in weather conditions
  • Protection from unnecessary, or unreasonable pain, suffering and injury

Four Primary Benefits of Clayton’s Organic Beef

Health Benefits

Clayton’s Organic Beef is much leaner than conventional beef, so it has less fat and fewer calories. It has substantially higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which are also found abundantly in fish such as salmon, and relatively lower levels of omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-3 has been shown to have a range of heart-healthy benefits, including reducing blood pressure, alleviating heart disease, offsetting the affects of cancer, helping brain function, and providing other benefits. Clayton’s Organic Beef is also much higher in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which like omega-3, has a variety of heart-healthy benefits, including lowering LDL ("bad") cholesterol, and reducing cancer risk. Clayton’s Organic beef is also much higher in beta-carotene.

Rich Flavor

Clayton’s Organic Beef is richer and has more flavor... Cattle are Grass Fed with a 100 day Corn and Sorghum Grain Finish*. Clayton’s Organic Beef’s flavor is more robust, it has been described as the “original” taste of beef, sweeter or nuttier than feedlot animals.

Humane Husbandry

Clayton’s Organic cattle are free to roam their pasture or range, and therefore lead a much lower stress life compared to animals that are crammed onto a feedlot. Clayton’s Organic Beef eat the natural grasses, sorghum and organic corn unlike feedlot animals that are typically fed grains that they can't properly digest.

Environmental Sustainability

The negative environmental effects of raising animals for meat production have been widely reported. However, some of those effects are reduced or eliminated outright in Clayton’s type of operation. Specifically, the animals are NOT trucked long distances to a feed lot, where the animals are unnaturally crowded onto small lots. They are not given antibiotics to offset the grain that their stomachs are not designed to process.

Wholesome, mindful, simply natural meat you can trust, packed full of goodness and nourishing vitality, simply delicious!

  • This is the mind set of Australian Organic cattle farmers Clayton and Jackie Sargood
  • Both born and bred into the Australian Cattle industry Clayton and Jackie were married in 1999 and together they have formed a successful partnership based on their love and passion for breeding, growing and feeding beautiful cattle
  • Sargood Family Sargood Family Sargood Family Sargood Family Sargood Family

    The Sargood Family
    and Clayton Organic Farms

  • Originally they were based at Manresa, which is the Sargood family property and the initial ‘engine room’ in becoming organic. Manresa is a 40,000 acre property consisting of pulled scrub and buffle grass country with 1000 acres of winter oats and sorghum. It was in 1992 that Clayton’s late father, Bob became seriously ill from using chemicals to spray the cattle that the initiative to become organic surfaced. Manresa was successfully certified organic with Australian Certified Organic in March 1995. Our beef production has never looked back!
  • Whilst Manresa provided a lovely country lifestyle for the 3 generations of Sargoods living on this magnificent western property, Clayton had a burning desire to expand and purchase a blue ribbon property closer to the urban markets, a property with a guarantee for water, thus providing crops through both good and bad seasons, a property that would always be assessable by trucks to meat markets. He had already driven and explored many different properties across South Qld and North New South Wales looking for these qualities. In the later part of 2004 Tulloch Brae was listed for sale, a 620 acre property, already certified organic, 18 miles from Toowoomba, exceptional undulating flat country with picturesque hills to use in wet seasons, it ticked the boxes and Clayton and Jackie purchased this property, a new venture and a new home for them along with their young sons Jake and Harry
  • Tulloch Brae has not only provided the Sargood family with a perfect venue for feeding and finishing prime Australian Organic Beef, it has become a beautiful home for a young family who enjoy quality time in the outdoors mustering their cattle on horseback , spending quality time together cleaning and checking the animals have a constant supply of fresh artesian water. Both Jake, aged 10 and Harry aged 8, are capable horse riders, regularly helping out on weekends and school holidays. Harry has a unique love for animals, he has a collection of guinea pigs and on his visits to Manresa is insistent on bringing home any calves that may have been miss mothered! Jake is active in the farming and animal husbandry side of the operation. Whilst the boys enjoy school and the activities and opportunities presented, there really is no place like home!
  • Manresa breeds both Hereford and Angus cattle, of recent years these two breeds have been crossed to achieve a desirable shaped animals perfect for growing out to around 1050 lbs in 16-20 months from birth. Cattle are transported from Manresa to Tulloch Brae at an average of 860 lbs, at Tulloch Brae, organic corn is added to their pasture diet thus achieving a well covered tender body of beef at a young age
  • Since 2005 this operation has been selling around 12,000 steers a year, the wheels of supplying regular numbers of perfectly desirable bodies of beef are already turning, the creases have been ironed out and the trials with rations and ratios have been completed
  • Clayton Organic Farms care for sustainable, and humanely raised beef. Our beef comes from animals that are free-range and grass fed in its’ early days, then grain-finished for 100 days.  Our beef is wet-aged for 8 weeks, and while it is certified organic, it is also totally natural in every respect, it is hormone and antibiotic free, and at our farm we do not use pesticides on our pastures, ever
  • Clayton’s Organic Beef provides consumers with substantial health benefits compared to conventional meats. We are committed to environmentally sustainable ranching practices. We believe that our meat has a much lower environmental impact relative to conventional feed-lot produced meat. Furthermore, our organic animals enjoy a much better life than do conventionally raised animals

* Clayton Organic cattle are sustainable, and humanely raised beef. Our beef comes from animals that are free-range and grass fed in its’ early days, then corn/grain-finished for 100 days. While our beef is certified organic, it is also totally natural in every respect, it is hormone and antibiotic free, and at our farm we do not use pesticides on our pastures, ever! Clayton has been raising organic corn for the Kellog’s Co. for over 10 years.